How checks are organized in PSTrax

In PSTrax, vehicle / station inspections are broken down into four distinct levels: Apparatus, Schedule Groups, Task Groups, and Tasks. This structure is critical to organizing your inspections and making sure your system runs as smoothly as possible whenever you need to make changes (i.e. deactivating an apparatus, transferring tasks from one rig to another, adding new checks, etc.). 
  1. The APPARATUS level consists of the vehicles, equipment, and other items within each station that have inspections tied to them. Each Apparatus has 3 levels of hierarchical organization: Schedule Groups > Task Groups > Tasks. 
  2. SCHEDULE GROUPS are the broadest category of organization and are typically used to group together items that repeat on the same schedule, such as Daily Checks, Weekly Checks, Monthly Checks and Inventories. 
  3. TASK GROUPS are the next level of organization. These are typically tasks that share a common location or check type (i.e. Compartment 1, fluid checks, etc.). Each Schedule Group will contain one or more Task Group sections. 
  4. Each check-box on your schedules is a TASK. Each Task Group level will contain one or more Tasks. 

These four groups can be viewed easily in each vehicle's Apparatus Schedule ( Home > dropdown arrow next to vehicle / station > Manage Apparatus Schedule).